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Natural Selections' bone-white alligator skulls strike a chord of distinction and sophistication. Museum-quality artifacts, these specimens are more than novelty items, they point to prehistoric times as customers marvel at nature’s design. With 30 years experience, Natural Selections is the country’s most trusted supplier. We offer the best AND the most. Sizes are available in 1" increments, from 7" to 24".

Alligator skulls are timeless decor…. after all, they’ve been around for 70 million years! It’s a novelty gift item appealing to a wide range of customers -- from tourists to science professionals, and artists, too! Our skulls are sustainably sourced in Louisiana. Gator skulls support conservation as they are repurposed from gators harvested for their hides & meat. Offer your customers the crown jewel of the swamp today!

Are you looking for our largest skulls 19" - 24"?? Please call us at 504-733-1983 for pricing and availability of these gorgeous one-of-a-kind specimens.