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An alligator tooth, foot, or toe on a great necklace makes a statement! Natural Selections offers a range of styles -- from our classic Cajun-style Alligator Foot Necklace to beachy Designer Shell Necklace to funky fimo beads, macrame & more!

For Coco, Fimo+Metal, Designer Shell or Designer Small necklaces, order 12+ pieces of and you’ll receive 3 or more necklace styles. The more you order, the more styles we’ll include. 

We always have colorful, eye-catching selections in our rotating inventory. You may select individual styles, although we may not have all pictured items in stock all the time. Share any preferences in the Order Notes section of your Checkout Page and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Gator tooth necklaces are a popular unisex accessory that looks good on all ages!