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Your customers are looking for more than regular Jack Link's beef jerky. Treat them to something special and local if you're in the Gulf South - alligator and big game jerky from our trusted suppliers. Buffalo Bob has 5 flavors of Alligator Jerky and Sticks blended with beef and pork while Cajun Gator's offers premium quality and something unique with 100% Alligator tail jerky and tasty Alligator/Beef blend sticks. Buffalo Bob Big Game Meat snack expand a carnivore's fantasies with a variety of toothsome flavors including venison, wild boar, ostrich, duck, pheasant, antelope and elk, to name a few. However, alligator is our number one, runaway best seller - try some! Please let us know your preferences in order notes if our choices here don't fit your needs.